Sunday, 1 March 2015

January update

Howdy peeps 2nd attempt on this update I really should save as I go but I got distracted putting my daughter to bed, (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it )
I've posted this on Facebook and twitter so far but my current total raised so far is £1760 and I have approximately £150 left to bank. Really pleased to be making inroads to meet my target of £4100. Keep them donations coming
Trying to get some time in at the gym when I can (mornings when k is at nursery and weekends). Spoiler alert: I'm not the most athletic almost 40 year old your likely to meet. However for posterity and as a motivational tool here is my progress so far.
5k cross trainer 33 mins
5k stationary cycle 11 mins.
I have no idea if these are good or not but everyone has to start somewhere right!
I haven't recorded weights yet but I will get round to that soon.
My current weight is 13.5 stone and I'm 6ft1.
Starting to get gear together for the big K I now have some snazzy winter base camp trousers from craghoppers and a pair of bear grylls survivor trousers. I think if the weather stays the same I might be using the craghoppers sooner rather than later. The trousers came from If you like outdoor sports then lookup the site as they have some good deals and offers.
Got myself a new phone and after 4 years I've said goodbye to HTC and hello again Sony. No particular reason for the change just had an offer I couldn't refuse. Enjoying the xperia so far camera is amazing the phone is lightening fast and I should be getting the smartband (gratis yay!) so I should be able to track my progress better.
The loony dook was a good laugh I was wearing my spiderman cycle outfit and my sister dressed as Wally, and yes it was bloody freezing as well.

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