Sunday, 21 December 2014

mount Kilimanjaro fundraising

Hi all.

My name is Charles I am 38 years old and back in august this year I decided to join MND Scotland charity trek of mount Kilimanjaro in September 15.

I have committed to raising £4100 by 1st august and so far I'm about 35% there.

I will be doing various fund raisers through the coming year starting with the loony dook on new years day with my big sister to continue raising funds.

My reason for choosing this charity is that unfortunately my brother died after being diagnosed with this disease 8 years ago. I've seen firsthand how awful and debilitating this disease can be on an individual and the effects this has on a family.

MND Scotland are a charitable organisation who survive mainly on donations and fundraising (95% with remaining 5% from government and NHS). The charity use the monies to pay for nurses, research, information and education services

Please help me to help this organisation help hundreds of people suffering from this awful condition. Currently there is no cure for MND but were getting closer every year.

Any support you give will be greatly appreciated from money to moral, from a forward to a retweet. Donations of money, gifts and time can be put to good use.

Thanks for listening.

If you want further info, updates or want to donate a gift for auction email me